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Welcome!  Thank you for visiting our site. We hope you will support the project, which is explained in the following pages, so we can prevent the bells of St Peter’s from falling silent.

Why we need your help

Our bell fittings are damaged and worn, our cast iron bell frame corroded and unstable, the belfry floor rotten.  We have been advised that our bells are oversized for our slender medieval tower. The diocese has agreed a faculty to replace the fittings, restore and reseat the frame, repair and relay the floor and replace the heaviest three bells to reduce the weight of the peal by a third.

We won’t just restore the bells, we will improve their care and reduce risk to the tower. We won’t just re-establish bell ringing, we aim to get everyone in the village coming to learn about the bells and the carillon.
We aim to make our tower a high quality venue for bell training regionally.
There will be exhibitions, talks, a school curriculum project, an out-of-school Bells Club, a half term Bells Camp, public Open Tower Days, belfry tours, ringing taster sessions, a Ringing Festival, and permanent interpretation panels.

We will invest in educational equipment including bell chamber CCTV and bell simulation software. We will keep an archive. Over 30 volunteers will contribute to the project and new skills will be learned in the process.


The restoration project is likely to cost approximately £155,000. There are opportunities for individuals, families, companies and groups to contribute towards this total, and all donors will be recorded in a Book of Giving, which will be displayed in the church.

Sponsors of our three new bells, if they wish, will be able to see their bell being cast at the foundry.  They will also be invited as guests of honour when it is rung for the first time back in the tower.

As of April 2018, we have raised £36,000 through local fundraising events and private donations, (including Gift Aid).  We’ve raised a further £45,000 from grant making bodies.  This includes a pledge of up to £20,693 from the Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers and £15,000 from the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust.  Other contributions have come from Forest of Dean bell ringers, Old Brightlandsians, Haberdashers, the Allchurches Trust and the Sharpe Trust.  Further grant applications are in the pipeline.  And a further £19,000 has come from church funds.

So we’ve raised £100,000.  We’ve received underwriting for a further £15,000 and we aim achieve a discount from the bells contractor by supplying able bodied volunteers to assist in the belfry.  Interested?  Contact Andy Vivian on 01594 516528.

Upcoming fundraising events include

  • The Newnham Live Music Festival in June
  • A Midsummer’s Eve Picnic and Music at Newnham House during the Open Garden’s weekend – June 23rd
  • A ‘tour and tea’ at the home and garden of Lady Bathurst our patron – Cirencester Park. Date to be arranged

We’d love you to donate to our appeal.  There’s a link on the right, if you wish to do this online.  Otherwise contact our treasurer, Mike Bacon, (48, Sheens Meadow, Newnham, Gloucestershire, GL14 1BP, email: mike.bacon@btinternet.com, Phone: 01594516508) who can take a cheque or give you our bank details for a BACS donation and, if needed, supply you with a Gift Aid form.

Would you like to sponsor a specific part of the restoration?

Sponsorship for ‘Whole Bell’ plus inscription:      £10,000

Sponsorship for Individual Parts ( no. given in brackets is the total required):

Headstock (8)                    £1500

Clapper (8)                         £750

Wheel (8)                           £600

Pulley Wheel (12?)           £200

Rope (3)                             £150

Crown Staple (8)                £80

Ash Stay (8)                       £50

Slider (8)                            £70